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    Product name  USP29,EP5 Trazodone Hydrochloride USP29/EP5
    Molecular formula   C19H22ClN5O HCl
    Category  Active pharmaceutical Ingredients
    Use  Antidepressant
    Packing  Cardboard drum25KG/Barrel25kg packaged in two-layer PE bags in fibre drum
    Chemical name  2-[3-[4- (3- chlorophenyl) -1-] propyl piperazine]-1,2,4- three with [4,3-a] -3 (2H) - pyridine hydrochloride
    Structure type 
    Appearance  A white or almost white crystalline powder
    Melting point and boiling point  
    Content  97.0 -102.0% (>99.0% HPLC)
    CAS-NO  25332-39-2
    Molecular weight 
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